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Grow Your Business with Facebook Groups

5-module home study program complete with step-by-step training videos, practical strategies, worksheets, and Q&A sessions recordings.

This practical no-fluff training that will show you step-by-step how to:
  • Position yourself as the trusted expert everyone wants to work with
  • Get clients from any group you participate in (even if they don’t allow promotions) in just minutes a day
  • Create, manage and monetize your own highly profitable Facebook group
  • And much, much more…

I am even going to you the exact formula I used myself to make $10K from just one post in my Facebook group!

Plus, you’ll learn how to effortlessly grow your list, engage your community, and make money from being yourself on Facebook...

Don’t Take My Word For It...

"My Investment In This Program Already Paid Off 10x"

"If you love interacting with others on Facebook and want to easily get your own highly targeted clients, Alina’s Grow Your Business with Facebook Groups will get you there!

BEFORE this program I spent a lot of time on Facebook and knew interacting with my ideal clients in groups was giving me exposure, but I wasn’t sure how to really USE those groups to get clients!  It also took a lot of effort trying to fill my programs or find new potential clients.
NOW  I approach Facebook groups very strategically. I started my own group and in just a couple of months , I have over 300 highly targeted ENGAGED members! I have received requests for blog posts, guest expert and telesummit interviews just from the exposure the group is giving my expertise.  And… from just one post, I got 3 VIP clients, 2 one-on-one clients, and FILLED MY GROUP PROGRAM.  It's so easy knowing exactly what to do in Facebook groups.  My investment in this program already paid off 10x – in less than 3 months!

And this is just the beginning!!!  Thank you, Alina.”

Kelly Jo Murphy

Funnel Conversion Strategist, Soul to Soul $ale$

"I Am On Track For $350K+ This Year..."
"My Facebook group is almost at 400 and I started it just 5 months agoSince the beginning of the year I've signed up 35 clients into my Mastermind Program. My list is about 10k now and they are very engaged. 

I'm on track for $350K+ this year - and using Facebook and what you taught me, Alina, has really made the biggest difference."

Susan Epstein

Business Coach and Mentor, Highly Profitable Practice

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside...

  • Module 1: FB Groups - Let's Get Started
    Sure, maybe you have a Facebook personal account – maybe you have a biz page, too!
    But Facebook groups are different – and the “rules” are different, too.

    You learn:
    The “ins and outs” of a Facebook group: what they’re for, how to use them, and what to expect.
    The different types of Facebook groups, and which one would work best for you.
    Where to find the right groups to join in order to get in front of more of the people who need you most.
    Ways to participate in Facebook groups that ensure you’re adding to the conversation and attracting clients (all without seeming salesy or “spammy”).
    And more...
  • Module 2: Create Your Own Business-Growing Group
    If you can get clients from someone else’s group, imagine how you can use your own group to attract endless new leads and get more clients!

    You learn:
    The benefits of having your own group on Facebook (some of these might surprise you!)
    How to name your group so your ideal prospects ASK to join.
    Exactly how to set the rules for your group, so you avoid spammers and continuously build community.
    The process of creating your own group, including two steps most people miss.
    And more...
  • Module 3: Promote and Grow
    Your group might grow organically, sure! But if you want to fill it fast with ideal prospects who can’t wait to hear from you, you’ll need to let people know it exists.

    You learn:
    Promotion strategies that work, so you continuously add new members to grow your community.
    How to grow your membership with qualified leads.
    37 easy ways you can invite people to join your group.
    And more...
  • Module 4: Nurture Your Community
    Your Facebook group is a great way to get new clients – but only if you nurture your new leads. (Remember the importance of the “know, like, trust” factor!)

    You learn:
    How to post in a way that clearly establishes your credibility and expertise.
    Methods for continuously engaging with your group, so new leads feel welcomed and nurtured. (And yes, you’re the expert – they want to hear from you!)
    Techniques for increasing engagement from the members in your group, so the conversations are always occurring.
    Moderation and admin tips for success, so your group thrives.
    Automation tools that can take the work out of managing your group, so you have more time to take your news leads to new clients!
    And more..
  • Module 5: Monetize Your Group
    The whole goal of creating and building a FB group is to generate paying clients, right? So let’s do this!

    You learn:
    Simple ways of getting your followers from Facebook to your mailing list.
    Strategies for converting new leads to paying clients.
    WHEN and HOW to make offers so you are seen as a leading expert with gifts to share (as opposed to a pushy salesperson!).
    Affiliate starategies that work in groups even when you don't have your own programs to sell.
    And more...

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I am so absolutely sure that my Grow Your Business With Facebook Groups 
will help your online business that
I am offering a  30-day money back guarantee.
Go through the 30 days of the program, and complete the exercises and worksheets
from at least 2 modules.  If you don’t feel like you are on your way to creating your own engaged Facebook community, simply show me your work, I’ll refund your investment in full.
Give it a try... You have nothing to lose!"

Are you ready?

My dream for you is that you build the thriving business of your dreams, serving all the people you want, making as much money you want, working as much or as little as you want.

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